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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2022 -2027

Dear Members,


After considerable effort over several months from a consortium of volunteers, coaches, management and Paul Sheard from the LTA, the Hallamshire now has a strategic plan, which is a rolling document designed to take the club forward over the next five years and more. It describes what the club stands for, lists its aspirations and details how the aspirations can be achieved. To be reviewed at least annually, we hope it will give a framework for the development of the club both physically and socially, and it’s available to view by clicking on the link below.


The mission of the Hallamshire is to be a club full of all kinds of people playing sport and having fun, whether it’s for fitness, friendship or personal development, or to be world number one.

The club will strive to develop its staff and its relationships with service providers to deliver an outstanding member experience.

The board of directors, the management team, the staff and the service providers will strive to deliver a welcoming and inclusive club that offers and extensive range of opportunities to attract and retain members.

The club will work to deliver high standards of governance and ensure it is well managed on a day-to-day basis.

It will seek to put in place a long term facility investment plan that puts the club in a robust position to finance the development of significantly enhanced facilities where members and their families are keen to spend time together


“To put enjoyment and people at the heart of our club and provide the best possible experience for every member.”

Core Values

Team Spirit

Our Board, staff, service providers and the club’s teams will nurture a strong sense of community and belonging for all members.



To provide a friendly, safe and inclusive environment at the club for all members.



To deliver great member engagement through excellent communication and customer service.


Youth Development

To build on the club’s proud history of producing champions by supporting the development of the next generation of racket sports athletes.

Stategic Plan

If you would like to read more about our strategic plan please click the link below.

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