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Temporary Padel Court

About Padel at the Hallamshire

We're excited to announce that starting from September, we will be introducing a temporary Padel court on outdoor tennis court 2 at the Hallamshire. This initiative follows extensive deliberation by the Board and Management, aiming to diversify our club's offerings and gauge interest in potentially establishing permanent Padel courts. The trial period will span six months, during which we encourage all members to experience this dynamic sport and provide valuable feedback.


Padel, a blend of tennis and squash played on a smaller court, promises enjoyable and inclusive gameplay suitable for all ages and skill levels. Its social and engaging nature fosters teamwork and interaction among players, complementing our existing club activities. The decision to explore Padel aligns with our commitment to enhancing member satisfaction and expanding our community.


The temporary court's introduction not only aims to attract new members but also offers current members an exciting cross-training opportunity. It provides a less strenuous yet effective workout while promoting hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking.


We recognise that Padel has sparked debate among our members, and we appreciate your patience and participation throughout this trial period. Your input will be crucial in shaping future decisions regarding Padel at the Hallamshire.


Stay tuned for updates on this Padel information board and on our website, where you can find additional details and announcements about this new addition to our club.

Chair's Email regarding the Temporary Padel Court

Dear Members,


Following on from the Padel meeting held on March 13th, the Board and Management have been looking at start dates for the 6-month temporary Padel court on outdoor tennis court 2 and have agreed to aim for a start date of the 1st September, with build commencing the week prior.


The aim of the temporary Padel court is to allow our members to play a sport that they may not have had chance to previously as well as to help us all better understand the interest and feasibility of any permanent Padel courts we may wish to install. Any permanent Padel courts would ultimately be decided by members of the Club at an EGM.


One of the questions raised at this meeting was the impact on outdoor tennis court availability when the Sheffield and District Tennis is being played on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons. This, amongst numerous other factors, have been considered throughout deliberations. Minutes of the meeting are available.


The start date is largely dependent on the build commencement and availability of our contractor. As the 6 months following this start date will include a lot of winter, we have renegotiated the terms of the rental. Instead of paying a monthly fee, we have chosen to split the court revenue and any sponsorship equally between us and the contractor. We will still be paying the installation and removal fee of £5500.


Padel at the Club has proven to be a divisive topic, and we would ask for some tolerance from members on both sides of the debate throughout the period of the trial. We would also like to encourage you to make use of the court and provide feedback. Shortly, there will be a Padel information board going up in the bar area which will be providing further updates.


Thank you for reading,


Kate Martin 


Hallamshire Tennis & Squash Club

Click Here for Minutes for Temporary Padel Court Meeting

More information will be added over the coming weeks regarding the Temporary Padel Court. This will include but not limited to;

- Padel as a sport 

- How to play Padel

- How to book the Temporary Padel Court

- Intro to Padel sessions

and more F.A.Q's

Have you heard about Padel? It’s an exciting racket sport that combines the best elements of tennis and squash. Played in doubles on an enclosed court about one-third the size of a tennis court, Padel is easy to learn and incredibly fun. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a complete beginner, Padel offers a social and engaging way to stay active and meet new people.

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) is at the forefront of promoting Padel in the UK. In 2019 the LTA announced the integration of British Padel into the organisations day-to-day operations. As the official governing body, their efforts include supporting the development of new Padel courts, helping clubs across the country to integrate this dynamic sport into their offerings.

One of the reasons Padel is growing so rapidly is because of its accessibility. The basic rules are straightforward, making it easy for anyone to pick up a racket and start playing. Despite its simplicity, Padel is a full-body workout, improving agility, coordination, and reflexes, all while having fun with friends.

What is Padel?


Q: How do I play Padel?

A: Click here for LTA Padel Tutorial Videos and for more information on How to get started playing Padel

Q: How can I book the Temporary Padel Court?

A: All members with a rackets membership will have access to the Temporary Padel court as part of an active membership. Gym members will need to upgrade their membership to include squash, racketball or tennis. Pease see Reception for more information.


Q: When can I book for Padel?

A: We will provide updates throughout the next few months and once the build time of the court is confirmed we will send an announcement to all members.


Q: As a member, can I bring a Visitor to play Padel?

A: Members can bring non members to play for a fee of £7.50 per visit.


Q: I don’t know anyone who plays Padel, how do I meet people to play?

A: We will be running Padel intro sessions in the first 4 weeks which will be free to attend and enable you to meet new Padel players. There will also be a sign up sheet for players wishing to play Padel. We will also have a sign up for Padel box leagues that will run for the duration of the Temporary court. Mixed, Ladies and Men's Doubles Leagues.


Q: What do I need to play Padel?

A: You need to wear sporting attire and the club can lend you Padel bats.


Q: What balls can I use to play Padel?

A: The Hallamshire will have Padel balls in stock to purchase from Reception.


Q: How long is the Temporary Court at the Hallamshire?

A: The court will be at the club for 6 months with the court being removed late March 2025 pending contractors.


Q: How do I purchase a block of Padel courts at a reduced rate?

A: You can do this at Hallamshire Reception and this offer is available 1st August to 6th September

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