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Squash & Racketball at The Hallamshire



  • Single Player / Solo Practice

  • Same Household or support bubble can play

  • Individual coached sessions


We are running brand new coached solo sessions when we reopen.  The coach will oversee you and 3 other players on the 4 glass back squash courts and set you drills, tasks and competitions in these 40 minute sessions. If you are looking for a way to hone your skills and add an element of competition, this is the session for you.

To book in lockdown time please email amy@hallamshire.net.  After lockdown please call reception on 01142662153.  Each session is limited to 4 players. You will need to pay at the time of booking.


The sessions are:


Tuesday 7.40pm -8.20pm: £5.00 per session

Thursday 7.40pm -8.20pm: £5.00 per session

Friday 7am - 7.40am: £5.00 per session


Monday 7.40pm -8.20pm: £5.00 per session

Wednesday 7.40pm -8.20pm: £5.00 per session

Friday 11am - 11.40am: £5.00 per session


Book now so you don’t miss out!

Squash/Racketball Tuesday 3rd November - National Lockdown

In line with the government announcement. The Hallamshire will need to close from Thursday 5th November. We aim to reopen on Thursday 3rd December, restrictions permitting.


The squash & racketball courts will reopen Saturday 25th July 2020.

Guidelines for Squash Reopening

Update 21st October 2020

Dear squash and racketball member,

As of midnight on Friday 23rd October, Sheffield will move into Tier 3. This will put us in the Very High category, and will mean the bar will be closed until the Tier 3 restrictions are lifted. We are expecting these restrictions to last for at least 4 weeks before a government review.
Bottled water, soft drinks and confectioneries are available to purchase at the reception desk.

Guideline Updates
England Squash have released their restrictions based on the new government tier structure. We are now in Tier 3.

Local COVID alert level 

Permitted Activity - Very High

Single player (solo) practices - Yes

Same household or support bubble – match play/full squash game - Yes

Players from different households (not in a squash bubble or support bubble) – modified version of squash ‘Sides’ or Socially distanced practices (see below) - No

Players from different households in a squash bubble – modified version of full-court squash (see below) - No

One-to-one coaching with adults using socially distanced practices - Yes

Players from educational teams or with disabilities* (exempt from squash bubble rules) – modified version of full-court squash (see below) - Yes

Up to 6 adults from different households – coach-led/supervised activity - N0

Up to 15 children from different households (at OOSS clubs/venues) – coach-led/supervised activity -  Yes

Junior exemption
Please note that juniors are still able to play traditional squash with other juniors. They will need to form a squash bubble of up to 6 junior players.

Membership offer
To help keep our members playing, we are offering a no joining fee and 15% discount to anyone wanting to join the club as part of their household or support bubble.
There is also a 3 month membership as part of the above offer.

Adult £75 / £63.75 if with household or support bubble
Student £40 / £34.00 if with household or support bubble
U18 £25 / £21.25 if with household or support bubble
U14 £8 / £6.80 if with household or support bubble

Membership upgrade
As it is now clear that it is difficult for you to continue playing in your normal way due to the current restrictions, we would like to offer you the opportunity to temporarily upgrade your membership to either gym or tennis at no extra cost. If you wish to do so, please email helen@hallamshire.net . Please state the membership to which you wish to transfer. If you wish to transfer to the gym, you will need to be given an induction by a member of the gym staff.

Membership support
We should like to ask if members would be willing to continue their memberships rather than suspend them in order to support the club in these difficult times. We are working hard to ensure the club’s future and we do need your help and your further support to achieve this.

Membership suspension
If you do wish to suspend your membership until we are able to return to Tier 1, please email helen@hallamshire.net. Please be aware that, if you wish to suspend your membership, you will be unable to use any of the Hallamshire facilities during the time your membership is suspended.
Thank you for your support.
The Hallamshire Board and Management Team


UPDATE 25th July 2020 - See below

Squash and racketball can restart from Saturday 25th July 2020. The courts will be available to pre-book from 10am Monday 20th July, but please note the types of play allowed in the following section.

England Squash has provided strict rulings surrounding squash’s return in an aim to protect players from the potential risk of COVID-19.

All players will need to book in advance and add their names to the booking. No play is permitted without prior booking.

Any returning members who have suffered from COVID-19 or any other illnesses during the lockdown must check with their GP before returning to play at the Hallamshire.

Visitors are allowed to play at £4.00 per visitor.

We are ready to welcome new members. If a member of your household or support bubble would like to join, we can offer a family discount of 15%.  Below are prices for a short term membership.

3 Month Adult Squash £75.00 / 3 Month Student Squash £40.00 / 3 Month U18 Squash £25.00 /

3 Month U14 Squash £8.00 / 3 Month U8 Squash £4.00

The men’s changing room is open. Please maintain social distancing. It is still advised that you arrive ready to play and leave without using the changing room unless it is necessary to do so.

Please use hand sanitiser on entry to the club, on entry to the court, on exiting the court and on exiting the club.

Please arrive no more than five minutes prior to your booking and come ready to play. The court booking will last 40 minutes. Please exit the court promptly. Following the booking the court will be closed to allow aerosol droplets to disperse. Court timings will be staggered to lower the risk of congestion in the one way system.

Please follow the rules below.

• No handshaking/physical contact, and always maintain social distancing.

• Bring your own water bottle and arrive at the club with it full.

• Bring your own towel to wipe away sweat.

• Do not wipe your hands on a court wall.

• Bring your own balls and racket.

• Bring a change of shirt if you are prone to sweat a lot.

• Take your kit bag and water bottle on court.

• When your booking is finished, please wipe down the door handle and dispose of the wipes in the bin provided.

Ways to play squash and racketball until normality returns

There are a number of ways we are advised members should play. The following guidelines should be adhered to.  They are relevant to all levels of ability. Please remember that the government guidelines that have permitted indoor courts to open state that activities must be modified in such a way that social distancing can be maintained throughout.

Please note that there should be no more than two players on court at one time.

Members from the same household or support bubble

Match play/full squash or racketball game.


Single player (solo) practice.

Two members from different households (not in a support bubble)

Members must play a modified version of squash and racketball known as  ‘Sides’, which is an adapted version of the game for two players from different households. This cross-court version of squash/racketball is designed to comply with social distancing measures, with each player remaining in their own half of the court at all times. During the game, only one player should touch the ball and the court door, and players must not touch court walls.

The rules:

• Only two players permitted.

• The aim is to hit a winner or force an error from your opponent as in regular squash or racketball.

• Only one player serves during the match, and the opponent cannot handle the ball.

• Both players must keep to their side of the court throughout each rally, using the full length of the court while maintaining safe social distancing throughout.

• If a player crosses into the opponent’s side of the court, they immediately forfeit the rally.

• If there is a danger of players breaching a safe social distance, they must call a let and replay the point.

• Once a rally is complete, players switch sides of the court (maintaining a safe social distance) and the server restarts play.

Please follow this link to watch an instructional video on Sides.

All memberships will be reactivated from 25th July. If you are a direct debit member, this will resume from 1st August 2020. If, as a direct debit member, you would like to start using the club before 1st August, please email helen@hallamshire.net

You can top up your account by calling reception on 01142662153. Sides 

Please note that all fire exits by the squash courts must remain open, and the doors to the glass back courts must also remain open.

Want to try a squash or racketball group session? Email the coaching team for a free taster.

Try Now!

The Hallamshire is one of the leading squash and racketball clubs in the country. Following extensive refurbishment, the Hallamshire now has some of the best facilities in the country, with 9 courts (five glass back courts & four hard back courts) all with LED lighting and underfloor heating.


Squash Membership for you and your family

12 Months

Adults - £230.00 / £22.00 Direct Debit

Students - £115.00 

Under 18 - £70.00

Under 14 - £25.00

Under 8 - £10.00

We offer 15% family discount to all members.

Squash Member Benefits 

- 2 weeks advance booking access.

- 15% discount on food, drink & apparel.

-Access to box leagues, teams, club championships and social nights. 

- Fast track fob access.

-England Squash Membership through Hallamshire. 

Adult court fee's are £6.00 peak and £4.00 off-peak, students prices are £6.00 peak and £2.00 off-peak and junior prices are £3.00 peak and £2.00 off-peak.

​Whether you have just moved to the city or are looking for somewhere new to play, we have a wide range of social activities to suit every level. As a members’ club, we offer a friendly and sociable atmosphere, perfect if you are looking for new squash/racketball partners. Improve your game and meet other members by taking part in one of the box leagues, a social racket event or a team event. You can sign up at reception for all events.

Hallamshire Leagues & Competitions 

Box leagues are a great way to improve your game, as are our winter and summer leagues; Email Leagues to join in. Keep your eyes on social media for upcoming events. 

Want to meet new players? Try one of our coach-led social sessions.

Tuesdays - Social Racketball 10.20am-11.40am £5.00 per person

Thursdays - Social Racketball 10.20am-11.40am £5.00 per person

Fridays - Squash Club Night 6.40pm-8pm £5.00 per person

External Leagues & Competitions 


The Hallamshire has a proud tradition in the local Sheffield & District Squash leagues. The Hallamshire has 8 open division teams, 3 ladies' teams, 2 racketball teams and 1 veterans' team. 

The club also offers 3 teams in the Yorkshire Squash League.  The Premier League teams play on a Wednesday night throughout the squash season,    


The Apex Academy  is a squash and racketball coaching provider based at Hallamshire Tennis and Squash Club, headed up by Neil Guirey and his team of excellent coaches.


Apex run comprehensive coaching sessions for all ages and abilities. With a focus on enjoyment and development, the programme is designed to help players improve and get the most out of their game. All coaches are fully qualified, insured, DBS checked and licensed.

Junior Coaching 

Mini Squash (U11's) - Wednesdays, Thursday 4-5pm and Saturdays 9.20-10.40am.

Beginners / Intermediate - Monday, Tuesday, Friday 4-5pm and Saturdays 9.20-10.40am.

Advanced - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 5-6pm and Saturdays 10.40am-12noon.

Adult Coaching

Beginner Squash - Tuesdays 7.20-8.40pm

Intermediate Squash - Thursdays 7.20-8.40pm, Fridays 7am-8.20am and Saturdays 2.20pm-4.20pm.  

Advanced Squash - Saturdays 2.20-4.20pm and Saturdays 4.20pm-5.40pm. The later session is team training.

Beginner Racketball - Mondays 10am-11.20am and Mondays 7.20pm-8.40pm.

Intermediate / Advanced Racketball - Wednesdays 6.40-8pm.


We have a full calendar of social events that you can see here.

Nick Matthew Academy

The Hallamshire is home to three times World Squash Champion, Nick Matthew OBE. Nick’s  passion for squash began at the Hallamshire and he is an inspiration to all squash players. The Hallamshire is a performance hub for England Squash.


We enjoy a lot of social opportunities in the squash and racketball department, with a range of box leagues, coaching sessions from Apex, our scholarship programme and the Nick Matthew Academy. 


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