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Outdoor Tennis Notice for Members 1st June 2020


Following the update from the LTA in the past 24 hours,


The updated rules are;


  • Doubles can now be played with 4 households present. 

  • Additional coaching updates have been made and we are working with the Academy to implement these. 


As the court utilisation is not as high as expected and doubles can now be played, this will potentially lower the number of courts being booked. Because of this, squash/racketball and gym members can now temporarily alter their membership to Tennis to make use of their Hallamshire membership. Please email helen@hallamshire.net or call 01142662153 during our operating hours to alter your membership.


We will now be taking visitor bookings. These will only be allowed to be booked 48 hours in advance and will need to be paid for at the time of booking. Visitors will need to provide their information in advance for back tracing.  The court fee is £4.00 and it is a £4.00 fee per visitor for the booking. 


 If a member is playing with a visitor, the visitor will need to pay at the time of entry to the club. It is a £4.00 fee for adult and/or a child.


We are also open to new tennis members. There will be a no joining fee for June for new members. There is a 3 month, 6 month and 12 month membership option. Family Discount is available. 


We are looking forward to seeing you all soon.


The Hallamshire Team



Update for Hallamshire Re-opening of outside tennis courts

1st June 2020 (22nd May 2020)

The Hallamshire management and board are pleased to issue an updated position regarding the planned return to outdoor tennis. We thank our members for their support during what is an extremely challenging time for the club and acknowledge that many tennis members were disappointed by the strategy for limited reopening published last week. The board and management have listened to feedback from members and are pleased to be able to offer a revised strategy. Before outlining this strategy it would be helpful to provide some context for our decisions.

During the period the club has been closed due to COVID-19 the club has experienced a very significant reduction in income. We took the decision to suspend membership payment during the closed period as a gesture of goodwill to our members. There has been a significant reduction in the usual membership renewals in March and April and in addition, approximately £50,000 has been lost from court revenue. Although the club has been able to reduce expenditure through staff furlough, there are unavoidable fixed overheads totalling £35,000 over the past 3 months. The club is ineligible for a Government grant but has successfully bid for funding from Sport England which will contribute towards some expenses. The Hallamshire Club survival at this point is not guaranteed. It is paramount we take steps to make sure we, as a club, exist in 12, 18 or 24 months’ time. It is vital, therefore, that the club is able to restart generating income though membership and those services that can realistically and safely restart.

Unfortunately, after much consideration the Hallamshire management and board have concluded it would be currently impossible to reopen immediately and at full capacity for a number of reasons.  

  • Prior to opening, significant work is required to reactivate tennis memberships requiring some staff to be brought back from furlough but we have limited financial resource to bring staff back to work at this point given we cannot resume squash, racketball, gym and social memberships.

  • In order to reopen the club, we are required to conform with guidance appropriate to the size of the club, LTA guidance, requirements of our public liability insurance which requires 2 staff on site when open, and HMRC guidelines regarding staff procedures, including an appropriate risk assessment which will include our staff having access to appropriate PPE.

  • Finally, the decision to move forward with the car park work was made during lockdown as a practical time to do this when the club is closed. Originally, the work was scheduled for week beginning 4th May but unfortunately the contractor had to reschedule. This work forms part of vital club maintenance to the benefit of all club members. The contractor has advised that pedestrian access to the club would be unsafe and impossible during the work.

Taking into consideration this context the Hallamshire management and board propose the following:

  • Outdoor tennis will resume on Monday 1st June

  • A revised and enhanced programme from the originally published opening hours is outlined below

  • Outdoor court prices will remain at previous rates of £2 and £1 for concessions

  • In recognition that some club tennis members fall within the vulnerable categories who are currently being advised by the government to shield we will offer, on request, the option of keeping their memberships on pause for the time being. In addition, this could also apply to NHS and key workers who are unable to return to tennis at this point.

  • Court utilisation will be monitored each week and the club will endeavour to respond to demand.

Our current strategy could significantly impact upon decisions that the club has to make in the next few months. The decisions being taken now are primarily to ensure members’ safety, that and also to ensure that we maintain the club’s financial viability for all types of members at the club because it's all of them who make the club so special. The Hallamshire Club management and board welcomes continued feedback from all members and stakeholders and will endeavour to implement the best possible solutions, to what is an unprecedented situation. Our aim is to work together to ensure the future success and financial viability of the club and to responsibly enable our members to start to return to sport safely for their physical, mental and social well being.

Re-opening steps for members

Step 1- We are taking calls to renew subscriptions and top up accounts at the following times:

Friday 22nd May 11-3pm
Monday 25th May 12-3pm / Friday 29th May 11-3pm / Saturday 30th May 10-2pm & Sunday 31st May 10-2pm

Step 2 - From 10am 25th May the outdoor courts can be booked starting with the week commencing 1st June. Members should only book up to 2 courts per day and follow the LTA guidelines on who they should play. Court fees have been returned to £2.00 per adult court booking and £1.00 per junior court booking. As per the LTA guidelines all bookings must be made in advance.

Step 3 – Tennis Memberships will be reactivated and the outdoor tennis courts will re-open from 10am on Monday 1st June. The courts will be open 6 days a week with additional hours added per day. If within the first few weeks there are certain times that are quiet, the club may make adjustments to the opening times to better utilise staff time.

  • A member may only book up to 2 consecutive courts a day and must adhere to LTA and Hallamshire Guidelines.

  • Courts will be 50 minutes to allow the LTA suggested social distancing buffer between courts.

  • Tennis coaches will commence 1 to 1 coaching from the 1st June. Please contact your coach directly to book a lesson.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided upon entering the outdoor courts and upon returning to the club house.

Any member wishing to exercise either option to continue pausing their membership mentioned earlier should telephone the club between the times listed in step 1 or email helen@hallamshire.net

Opening Schedule for Outdoor Tennis Courts

Considering feedback from members we have extended the number of days and the hours that the club will open. We have always tried to balance the member experience with the financial stability of the Hallamshire. Please see the opening times below.


Monday 1st June – 10am to 8pm  / Tuesday 2nd June – 9am to 7pm

Wednesday 3rd June – 10am to 8pm / Thursday 4th June – 9am to 7pm

Friday 5th June – Closed / Saturday 6th June – Closed

Sunday 7th June – 9am to 4pm


Monday 8th June – 10am to 8pm / Tuesday 9th June – 9am to 7pm

Wednesday 10th June – Closed / Thursday 11th June – 9am to 7pm

Friday 12th June – 7am to 5pm / Saturday 13th June – 9am to 4pm

Sunday 14th June – 9am to 4pm


Monday 15th June – 10am to 8pm / Tuesday 16th June – 9am to 7pm

Wednesday 17th June – Closed / Thursday 18th June – 9am to 7pm

Friday 19th June – 7am to 5pm / Saturday 20th June – 9am to 4pm

Sunday 21st June – 9am to 4pm


Monday 22nd June – 10am to 8pm / Tuesday 23rd June – 9am to 7pm

Wednesday 24th June – Closed / Thursday 25th June – 9am to 7pm

Friday 26th June – 7am to 5pm / Saturday 27th June – 9am to 4pm

Sunday 28th June – 9am to 4pm


Monday 29th June – 10am to 8pm / Tuesday 30th June – 9am to 7pm

Wednesday 1st July – Closed / Thursday 2nd July – 9am to 7pm

Friday 3rd July – 7am to 5pm / Saturday 4th July – 9am to 4pm

Sunday 5th July – 9am to 4pm

Please be aware hours may change, in the event they do an email will be sent to members and the updated hours added to our website.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

The Hallamshire Team


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