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I had been praying to the Moon Goddess, hoping that I could meet my mate sooner.

On the day of my transformation, I sensed my mate. But I didn't expect that it would be my brother! Asher.

The worst part was, I couldn't resist the mate-bond between us. Yes, I slept with Asher. Again and again.

Since then, the fact that we were mates became a secret between us.

We were still brothers and sisters, in front of everyone. But at night, we would sneak into each other's bedroom...

But soon, our relationship was discovered. And I was chosen to be the Luna of the Alpha!

No! I rejected the Alpha!

Asher and I planned to escape the Pack.

However, on the night we were about to leave, something happened that would make me regret with my whole life...

My Brother Is My Mate